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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Jukebox for Your Next Event

You’re organising the biggest event of the year. Your partner’s birthday, a company event or maybe even a wedding. You know what decorations you will have, what food there is, and you may even have a seating chart planned out. But now its time to make one of the bigger decisions. What music? Do you hire a DJ or play your own CDs? Music can have a big influence on how people enjoy and remember your event. If they don’t like what they hear they may have a bad time and the dancefloor could go untouched.

But, hiring a jukebox for your event gives your guests of all ages something interactive to use and the freedom to select their own music. They can choose whatever songs they like when they like and feel more relaxed. Though we may be biased in our opinions, the following are the top five reasons why you need a jukebox at your next event.

Interactive for All Ages

With a seemingly never-ending choice of music for your guests, hiring a jukebox can encourage the interactivity you need to liven up your event. With stereo music or a DJ, some people may feel disconnected from the event. It could be because of the atmosphere or merely a lack of interesting music. Rather than heading to the dancefloor, they may be heading for the door before the event has even ended.

But, by hiring a jukebox, you can provide your guests with an interactive music system that excites them. It adds an element of fun and surprise to your event as people may not be used to having the ability to pick their own songs at a party. It’s like giving a toy to a child on Christmas day. Friends will be fighting over the chance to pick the next song.

With so many songs to pick from, a digital jukebox brings enjoyment to people of all ages. Grandparents and children alike can pick songs from all genres and generations that they can put on and dance to. Most digital jukeboxes are updated weekly meaning they have all the latest chart toppers available too.


Less Stress for You

Hiring a jukebox for your party gives you, or your party planner, less stress before and throughout the event. It’s very easy to hire a jukebox, a quick chat over the phone and it’s all booked, all that’s left is the delivery on the day. Whereas, DJs can turn up late (or not at all), leaving you stressed and lost on how to fix the situation. So, with jukebox hire, you can be reassured that everything will go as planned on the day without any disastrous hiccups.

Also, as the event planner, you might be feeling pressure as you are responsible for choosing the music. Usually, you would have to provide a list of appropriate songs to the DJ or compile your own discs. This can take time and effort which could be best spent on other aspects of the day. Jukebox hire almost completely takes away the stress of song choice from you. Instead, it places this on the guest, with an amusing and entertaining atmosphere created.


A Unique Centerpiece

What’s going to capture the attention of your guests more? A standard DJ set up like the ones they’ve seen at hundreds of weddings and birthdays or a unique and unusual jukebox? Jukeboxes are like a time capsule from the past. Most people won’t have seen them at previous events or parties. This attracts the younger guests to it as they want to try it out possibly for the first time. The older generation will be just as intrigued, looking to see the digital upgrades made on a classic machine from their past. It can easily become the talking point of the night with friends asking each other what songs they’ve picked. It is something that your guests will remember, and as a result, may never forget the event as a whole.

By placing it on the dancefloor or close beside it, you can draw more people into the centre of the room. This will make the whole event appear more engaging to others as people actively seek out the dancefloor. Usually, at weddings and birthdays, people tend to avoid the dance floor if it is empty. They don’t want to be the first people to start dancing and have all eyes on them. But, if people are already mingling on the dance floor waiting to pick music, your guests may feel less scared to get up and dance. Once more people get up, soon everyone will feel more relaxed and ready to enjoy the night.

Match the Vibe of Your Event

There are many different styles and colours to pick from when choosing your Jukebox. It can match any theme or vibe you are trying to portray in your event. Some people may prefer the older, vintage look if their event is aimed at the older generation or they want a retro twist. Whilst others will be looking for specific colours to match their party theme.

Some DJs might not have this flexibility. With equipment being expensive, they can be limited in their display. Most tend to prefer a darker setup, so they appear to fade into the background. But, if you are hosting a wedding or even a party with a bright colour in its theme, this can make DJs stand out even more.

Less Messy than a DJ

Let’s not beat around the bush. Think back to any event you’ve been to where there was a DJ. How often were there wires just tangled on the dancefloor? Or even banners hung across the room advertising their services? It isn’t the most appealing sight when you’re trying to create an atmosphere for your event. We’re not saying all DJs are like this, but if you haven’t seen the DJ before is it a chance you want to take?

Hiring a jukebox for your event eliminates any mess. Its shape and size mean that if you wish, it can easily be stored in a corner. Even if you want it in the centre of the room, there are minimal wires needed to set it up. This means there is no mess and no tripping hazards for your guests.Jukebox hire for your event or party can help bring an atmosphere of fun, and avoid the dancefloor being bare. After the excitement of picking their own song, people will want to get up and dance and enjoy the night. This can make your night more of a success than you ever imagined. If you think a digital jukebox can make your event a big hit, then contact us today.

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