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Jukebox: The Perfect NYE Solution?

After Christmas Day, everyone looks forward to the end of the year and the fun that comes with New Year’s Eve. Most people tend to head to the clubs, but overpriced tickets, expensive drinks and tightly packed spaces can often ruin the night for many. Instead, why not spend this New Year’s Eve with your family and host your own party where everyone, old and young, can get included. Staying in is the new going out, and all you need is some food, drink, guests and music to keep them dancing all night long. And, in our opinion, a jukebox is the perfect way to satisfy your guests and inject some fun into the song picking process.

If you are considering hosting an at-home NYE party this year read on to learn why we think this is the best idea and how you can easily pull it off. Don’t stress yourself this New Year’s Eve; it’s a time for celebration and fun and spending it with family is the best way to achieve that!

Clubs are Overpriced and Overcrowded

Many clubs host events on New Year’s Eve, but this can leave the town overcrowded with drunk people spilling their drinks over every unfortunate person to walk past them. And, before you even make it into the club, you are faced with overpriced entry tickets that can slash your night out budget in half very easily. But what are you to do? You’ve taken the time to get ready, spent money on the taxi and travelled all the way here so you might as well go in and try to have some fun. So you do, you pay the fee and get in the club but then spend the remainder of the night losing your friends in the crowd, bumping into strangers, waiting at the bar for ages and possibly even witnessing a fight or two that ruins the already terrible atmosphere.

So how can you avoid this without spending the night in your PJs feeling like you’re missing out on all the fun? House parties were all the rage during our teen years, and reigniting that atmosphere in your own home during NYE can help create a fun environment with just your closest friends and family. With no strangers to drunkenly knock into you or annoy you all night, you can bring in the New Year with the people who you love and care about. Plus, you can enjoy the night with a clear mind knowing that your family are safe and having fun at your home rather than out in town where anyone can prey on them, take their money or even leave them a little roughed up. At home, everyone can relax, and you can still make the place exciting with decorations and balloons!

Include all the Family Members

Often, going out can leave many family members stranded on their own or feeling left out. We’re betting that your Grandma might not want to go clubbing till 5 am, or maybe you have younger family members who wouldn’t be old enough to join in. So, by hosting your own New Year’s Eve party, you can involve every member of the family whether they’re older or young and cater to any of their needs to make sure that everyone feels included. For younger kids, you can create a slumber den in an upstairs bedroom so as the night draws on they have somewhere to hang out and sleep away from all the noise and the partying. You can even have a separate room for older family members that want to extract themselves for a bit of quiet time. Pop the telly on to a fireworks show and have some nibbles out for them as they take some time away from the hustle and bustle of the party.

For the drinkers and partiers of the family, you can have one main room for them with music, drinks and food, so they don’t feel like they’re missing out on the town vibe. The best house parties all have drinking games so set up a beer pong table or ring of fire for them to play to create some excitement before the New Year countdown. But, don’t forget to let yourself enjoy the party too. By having hot food at the start and leaving cold food and nibbles out afterwards, you can start to relax after the first wave of fun, eating and drinking. Your guests can help themselves to the nibbles and drinks as you have fun with all the family – and leave any thought of clean-up until the New Year!

Get the Party Started With a Jukebox

You have the food sorted, the drinks are ordered and the guests invited but how else can you guarantee this party will be an NYE hit? Music! And there’s no better way to get the party started than with a Jukebox. Hiring a jukebox gives the family hours worth of fun being able to control the music and pick almost anything they want from the digital database. The best bit? It takes any hassle off your shoulders as you don’t need to worry about sorting out a playlist before the party.

With thousands of songs to choose from, everyone from your Grandad to your nephew can pick something that they’ll like whether it’s an old classic or top modern hit. As it’s interactive, it is very easy for people to use the jukebox and make their selections, giving people a few songs to dance to till its the next person’s turn to control the dancefloor. Easy to install, even for only one night, and remove the next day, there’s no added extra hassle to the normal rush a few hours before the big party starts. Plus, it’s something new and exciting for your guests to play with that they might have never used before at a party!

Don’t let the ruckus of town ruin your New Year’s Eve; we only get one a year after all! Instead, stay at home and create a party atmosphere yourself with the right drinks, party snacks, and decorations. Adding a jukebox is the final touch that can transform your party and get everyone on their feet. To learn more about hiring a jukebox, contact us today.

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