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Top 10 First Dance Songs

Top 10 First Dance SongsSo the big day is upon you, you’ve got everything sorted, the cake is being made, you’ve got the bridesmaids dresses bought, food has finally been agreed on, but the biggest pressure of all is of course… choosing the music and more importantly, your first dance song! If you and your other half enjoy the same songs and match in your taste of music then congratulations the decision should be relatively easy! However, we are here for the people who might not match; if your favourite song is the cha cha slide, and your partners loves the jailhouse rock, then you may have some issues deciding. So we have put together our all-time favourite ten first dance songs just for you!

One thing to remember when it comes to picking your first dance song is that it is always best to choose a classic song or one that you have an emotional attachment to so it will be more memorable and enjoyable! First dances don’t always have to be slow and romantic. Don’t be scared to pick a song that is more upbeat with an increased tempo. At the end of the day, slow dances aren’t for everyone no matter how many times you try to master that footwork. Songs that are upbeat will get everyone smiling, and if you do suffer from a bit of stage fright, it means your wedding guests will be on the dance floor with you sooner rather than later!

Retro Jukebox Hire has supplied jukeboxes to countless weddings across the North West and love nothing more than helping to make your big day special. If you are struggling to feel inspired and need a helping hand, here are the most common first dance songs that our Jukebox lovers have opted for in the past.

  1. Stand by Me by Ben E. King

This is an all-time classic, and of course, the lyrics are something that you would definitely hope for on your wedding day. Not only is it a great soulful song, but it has a fantastic tempo to dance to, making it super easy to two-step to if you’re struggling with a dance routine!

  1. Two Become 1 by The Spice Girls

All 90’s babies have a secret love for this song and who isn’t a Spice Girls fan? Like Stand by Me, the lyrics in this song are perfect for your wedding day and the likelihood of your friends loving this song is very high! You can even save Spice Up Your Life for after you’ve had a few proseccos!

  1. Perfect by Ed Sheeran

This is one of the most used first dance songs of this generation, but there is a reason as to why so many people love it! With its perfect swaying tempo, partnered with a lovely melody and meaningful lyrics, we are pretty certain that Mr Sheeran wrote this song with first dances in his mind!

  1. Crazy In Love by Jay-Z and Beyonce

Now call us crazy, as you may think this is too upbeat but believe us when we say that this song is the best song to get everyone up and dancing with you. Everyone won’t be able to resist getting on that dance floor and sharing that special moment with you. We also want to add that Beyonce and Jay-Z had this as their first dance song, so if it’s good enough for Queen B it’s definitely right for you.

  1. Passport Home by JP Cooper

We’re not crying, you are! This beautiful song by JP Cooper is a real tear-jerker, it is filled with romantic lyrics and will make your wedding a very memorable and meaningful one. It’s a brilliant choice for anyone who wants to have something sweet that is also quite upbeat.

  1. Malibu by Miley Cyrus

Everyone was shocked when Miley released this song, as we were used to her hardcore party songs and antics. This showed a completely different side to Miley and was really well received by the public. This is a song that would be perfectly matched for a couple who are wanting to celebrate the new chapter in their lives that they are about to enter. It’s got a dancey vibe which will invite your guests to join in on the dancefloor.

  1. A Sky Full Of Stars by Coldplay

We love this one! Coldplay are the best band for purposeful lyrics, and this song is excellent for the people that want to have their moment dancing and then encouraging everyone to come and join in. As it is quite fast-paced, you can save yourself from having to memorise a slow routine and just have fun. William and Kate Middleton changed their first dance halfway through to an upbeat one because they wanted everyone to come and join them!

  1. Candy by Paolo Nutini  

Bit of an alternative one for you indie lovers out there, Paolo Nutini provides you with a sweet song and beautiful guitar melodies which gives you with the perfect beat to dance to! It’s not too dancey and works great for a more folky wedding feel. This has been especially popular at outdoor and barn weddings as it fits the venue nicely.

  1. You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne

If you have dance moves to show off to the crowd and you’re up for a good old soulful ‘60s song, then this is your perfect match! This is an absolute classic, and you will be popular with the older generations in the crowd for picking a song from their era! The lyrics are amazing for weddings too!

  1. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

This song features a 52 piece orchestra which you might not be able to afford to hire for your wedding but fret not we do have it on our Jukeboxes! It’s been voted the nation’s’ favourite love song by Magic, so do we really need to give you any more reasons? You might need ear plugs though if your maid of honour is a bad singer, as this will get the crowd singing at the top of their lungs!  

Well, we hope after all of those suggestions we have finally helped you to choose a song for your perfect day (or maybe it has got you deliberating more). Hiring a jukebox for your wedding is the ideal way to dance to your favourite song, and we can help so contact us today for the best offers!

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