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Five ways to Make Your Budget Office Party Rock

Everybody loves a good office party. Whether it’s the end of year Christmas do or a get-together to celebrate a big success at work, throwing a party shows your appreciation for all the hard work from your team. But how can you create the best party on a budget? Quite easily actually! All you need is food, booze, music and entertainment to help get your employees on the dancefloor all night long.

If you need some help, take a look at the following five best ways to throw a fantastic budget party. All your employees will be talking about afterwards is when the next one will be!

Hire a Jukebox

Music is key to an amazing party so getting the playlist right is always a stressful thing to think about. Some people prefer decade music while others love the current top 40. So how can you satisfy everyone? Jukeboxes take the hard work out of setting up the music as all you need is a suitable area and a plug socket, and you are ready to go. With its interactive nature, partygoers can pick their own music and take turns filling the dancefloor with their favourite songs. You can spend more time enjoying yourself and interacting with your co-workers rather than worrying if people like the music that is playing. You can even choose a couple of songs yourself!

Hire a Pool Table

Entertainment can be very costly, and it is a must for your party, so those who don’t enjoy dancing will still have something to do. Pool table hire is a reasonable cost and can provide much more entertainment than a live band or over costly games. It doesn’t matter whether all your workers can play or not, because as the night goes on the enjoyment (and booze!) takes over, and they find attempting to play with their friends more fun than actually winning.

As a staple in many of our pubs, people from a young age are accustomed to pool tables and having one at your next party can bring back memories, and secret skills, they forgot they had. Men, women, old or young can find some fun playing against their co-workers, and you could even have a little tournament running throughout the night.

One of the great things about hiring a Pool table is that if your team love it at your party, they aren’t expensive to have in the office all year round. Amusement Leisure, a leading supplier based within the North West, has them available to rent from as little as £15 per week!

Order Pizza

You will need some food to fuel a night full of dancing, drinking and fun and nothing is better than pizza! Most people love pizza, and it can come vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, so it is perfect for everyone. Take note of everyone’s preferred pizzas in the run-up to the party and order a mixture, so that everyone can have a few slices of their favourite. By calling up and placing the order a few days in advance, you can guarantee it arrives on time, and you aren’t waiting hours for them to arrive on the day.

Add a Theme

There’s nothing like a themed party. Getting everyone to dress up can bring so much laughter and fun to the event. You can even do a ‘best costume’ award and reward the winners with a bottle of booze or if you are feeling festive an extra day off work! Decades parties are trendy as they allow some older workers to revisit their teens or twenties and dig out those clothes packed away in boxes in their loft. Having a jukebox makes for a great decades theme as well, as they have thousands of songs to choose from across many decades.

For your Christmas party, pick a theme such as gingerbread men, the north pole or terrible Christmas jumpers to get the best outfits out of your workers. It makes for a better party as you can go around and look at what everyone is wearing as it is so different from their regular work wear or night out clothes.

Bring Some Booze

A party is not a party without the booze. Whatever it is you are celebrating, alcohol is must-have on the day. Order enough to get your employees merry but not too drunk and vary the different types and brands you use. You want to make sure everyone has something they like so ask around and get a little bit of everything and lots of different mixers like fizzy drinks and fruit juices. Maybe one of your employees knows how to make cocktails; ask them if they could make a few during the first hour or so of the party and teach other people how to as well – this will make for a great bit of cheap entertainment!

Don’t forget to have lots of non-alcoholic options as well for those who don’t or can’t drink alcohol. You will also need these drinks later on in the night when people need to dilute the alcohol and sober up a bit before they go home safely.

Throwing the best office party doesn’t have to break the bank. You can get great music and engaging entertainment cheaply as well as providing food and drink that everyone will love. If you want to learn more about hiring a jukebox and pool table, then contact us today.

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