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How to Throw the Best NYE Party

How is it nearly 2019 already?! As soon as the Christmas parties are out the way, it’s time to start planning for the all-important New Year’s Eve bonanza, a great time to celebrate the best parts of 2018 and also a celebration of all the excitement and promises of new experiences that the new year will bring. Some people will spend their evening huddled up next to one another by the Thames watching the fireworks, while others splash the cash at organised parties and over-the-top events where a glass of prosecco will cost you a small fortune. Some people prefer to stay in alone and avoid the crowds or go out for a quiet meal with friends. While all of these ways to celebrate NYE can be good fun, there truly is no better way to bring in the new year than to bring everyone together by hosting your very own New Year’s Eve party.

Throwing your own party will mean it will be a night that you will never forget (and if you do end up forgetting it, at least you’ll know it was a great party!). There are lots of things to take into consideration when planning your party for the 31st December; so we have put together a few ideas for you to keep the stress levels to a minimum when planning the party of the year (literally)!

Themes for Your Party

When it comes to parties, a great theme is a must-have to go along with your event. Choosing a theme will make your party stand out from the crowd will get everyone excited to dress up and let their hair down. Even though we are heading into 2019, why don’t you party like it is the ‘80s or ‘90s? Set the theme as ‘Through the Decades’ because this way it gives everyone the freedom to dress up creatively and the nostalgic theme is always a hit. Or, why don’t you add a little mystery to your party by setting the theme as a masquerade ball? This theme will never get old, and you could even do a competition for the best dressed or most creative mask! Even though you will be in England, why don’t you celebrate the rest of the world going into 2019 with an ‘Around the World’ theme? Everyone can dress up in the traditional clothing of different countries, and you can even pick table decorations that match the various counties. This last option also gives you the excuse to mix up the food choices, so there is something for everyone!

Party Game Ideas

Party games aren’t just for under fives. They can be a great way for your friends to break the ice with guests that they may not have met before. The games don’t have to be expensive, and the following ones are an easy way to get everyone laughing!

  • Why not create your own photo booth props and get a Polaroid camera, so they all have a takeaway photo from the evening?
  • Make sure you get your plastic cups set up ready for some beer pong or flip-cup, you can even change this up and use a different drink such as prosecco or gin and then put your friends into groups and make a tournament out of it!
  • At the start of the evening, you could do a big fat quiz of 2018 and see who’s been listening to the news, top charts and who knows the key highlights of the year!
  • If you want something a bit more active and you want to get everyone up and dancing, why not play the good ole musical chairs or statues – points for the best dancers anyone? It’s more fun than you remember.

What Beverages to Have on Offer

Now, if you want to throw the party of the year, then you are going to have to please the crowd with a bar stocked with a wide array of drinks. Given that you will have a mixture of people in the group it is safe to say that not everyone will like the same thing, so be sure to have a selection of beers, wine and spirits on offer. But it doesn’t have to eat up your budget, you can ask everyone to bring a bottle with them, and you can serve up the prosecco or champagne at midnight and mix up some groovy cocktails throughout the evening to keep your party people happy.

This is much easier if you are renting a venue for the party that sells alcohol as they can take all the stress out of your hands. Just remember to either put some money behind the bar or pre-warn your guests to bring their wallets.


Now that you have your party theme, games and drinks sorted, you need a staple feature to add in to make your party the ultimate place to be. Without a doubt, the music is the one thing that will keep your party going and so the playlist you choose is absolutely essential. With so many different groups of people and different tastes to think about you might start to worry about what music to choose for your event. Well, this is where we can step in and totally sort it out for you! Music needn’t be a worry when you can kill two birds with one stone and keep your guests and bank statement happy by hiring a jukebox!

Here are some great reasons why we think a jukebox makes the best accessory to add on to your New Year’s bash. These days is it effortless to get yourself some headphones and a turntable and call yourself a professional DJ, and the cost for such a ‘DJ’ is not going to come cheap – especially on New Year’s Eve. You also have the stress of wondering if everyone will enjoy the music if you go for the option of making a Spotify playlist and plugging it into a speaker.

By hiring a jukebox, you won’t have to worry about anything when it comes to getting the atmosphere just right. Not only will it look great on the dancefloor, everyone will be happy with the music choices (because they get to pick their favourites themselves!). To add to this, it is the most interactive item you could choose and will provide hours of entertainment for everyone! You won’t have to worry about if the DJ will play your favourite song because the jukebox will put it straight into the queue, and with over 30,000 songs you can be assured there is something for everyone on there! You can suit the music to go along with your theme for the evening as the jukebox has every UK Top 40 hit since records began in 1952, and playing musical statues just got even better!

Hiring a jukebox will allow you to have a stress-free evening, you don’t have to worry about having an empty dance floor as everyone will be queuing by the jukebox to request the next song that they want to strut their stuff too. You can even incorporate the party games, and the winner of prosecco pong can get priority over the jukebox for the following 30 minutes! Another fabulous thing about the hire is that you don’t have to move a muscle as we will drop it off, install and pick it up from you again; meaning you can get all the decorations up in time for your guests. Get in touch with us today to secure your jukebox for New Year’s Eve before we get booked up, and Happy New Year’s!

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