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3 Reasons To Throw A Party This Year

Well, Christmas and New Years’ are over, it’s still ages until Halloween, and no one is getting married or turning 30 in your family this year. So, I guess that’s it for parties in 2019, right? Wrong! Whoever said parties are only meant for the obvious celebrations? No one did, and what comes before Part B? Part-aay of course! Parties are fun, memorable and special places for us to connect with and make lasting memories with those who are most important to us. So, this year say “No!” to following the status quo and pick one of our three unique, non-conventional reasons to throw a bash for your friends and family this year!

Have a party just because

Up first is reason numero uno – throw a party just because! Bring your friends and loved ones together to celebrate your friendship in 2019! We promise that memories are so much more valuable than any material gift could be. You might usually get those you love a token gift to show your affection and appreciation of them but do something different this year. Treat all of the people you love to a night full of fun and laughter – they will remember a fun night spent with you and all their friends forever! Not only that, but friends are actually good for your immune system. No, we’re not making this up! Research found that spending quality time with those we love can actually help our physical health! So, start your year off the right way and get planning that party – just because.

It might even be that you have different circles of friends that haven’t yet met. Maybe you’ve been waiting for the right time to introduce them all. Well, there is no time like the present. Jump on Facebook, create an event and get adding friends to your invite list. It really is as easy as that. Everyone loves to be invited somewhere, and especially if they are going to get to meet new people in a fun environment! Maybe you know someone who is newly single, or has recently moved into your area? Throwing a party is the best way to help people make connections and bring joy into their lives. You get the bonus of knowing it was you who helped to make everyone smile – what’s better than that?!

If you’re worried about getting the atmosphere right or making sure everyone has fun, then why not look into some easy and fun games that will bring everyone together? Set up various group games like charades, Jenga and flip cup around the party to encourage people to interact. You could even hire a digital jukebox to bring fun to the night! That way, you don’t have to worry about curating a playlist perfect for everyone – you can let everyone have fun playing DJ and get people bonding over songs they love (and hate!). Did somebody say Baby Shark? Run!

House Anniversary!

Up second is throwing a party to celebrate an anniversary. We’re not talking any old anniversary – this one is to celebrate your home! We don’t care if you’ve been there for 1 year, or 15! Throw your house a celebration and re-warm it all over again. Fling open the doors and let your loved ones pile in. Break out photos from the past and plaster those memories on the walls to make everyone smile. All you need is some good food, drink and great music and your house anniversary will get off to an incredible start. Hosting not your strong point? Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a perfectionist – in, fact, sometimes having a more ‘thrown-together’ vibe helps everyone relax!

You could ask everyone on the invite list to bring a dish or some nibbles and one bottle of booze each. That way, you don’t have to worry about the cooking or spending a fortune on drinks. You only need to provide the venue (your home), and you can laugh along with everyone else having a fabulous time re-connecting and making memories. You could add that extra element of fun and make a DIY home photo booth to give everyone something fun to do on the night. Buy a Polaroid camera, some fun props like a feather boa and some oversized glasses and let everyone take home a keepsake from the evening too!

Good Riddance party!

Last but by no means least – throw a good old ‘See ya later party!’ Yes, we know it’s not exactly traditional – but, who cares? Did you resolve to give something toxic up this year? Whether that’s a job you dislike, a habit you wanted to see the back of, or a relationship that was making you unhappy, sometimes it just feels right to celebrate something finally being over! Often endings can be painful and hard, so throwing a party can be the best way to put a positive spin on it. Gather your besties together, stick on your favourite songs and dance, sing and laugh the night away until you find closure!

Hiring a jukebox for your good riddance party will help make sure you put a positive spin on the evening. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously, and the digital jukebox will brighten the mood and ensure everyone is up dancing and singing along to the music. Let your loved ones play DJ and bond over picking their favourites and get ready to say good riddance to the past and hello to making fun memories at your party!

How do I book a jukebox?

Everyone knows that music is the key to a good party. Music makes the world go around, and let’s face it – who doesn’t want to have a go playing DJ? Retro Jukebox provides you with the cheap jukebox hire you need to get your party popping this year! We take care of everything from delivery, to set up and finally to collection. We will walk you through the easy to use digital jukebox interface and then leave you to get on and bust some moves to your favourite tunes for the weekend!

Get in touch today and let’s find a reason to celebrate being different this year!