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Spring Wedding: The Jukebox Classics

Although it still feels like Winter, there will be many Brides and Grooms eagerly planning their Spring wedding. Spring has always been a popular season for tying the knot, it symbolises new life and the promise of new beginnings, so it is easy to see why so many couples choose Spring as their favourite season. As you get closer towards your special day, it’s time to start thinking about the entertainment, and how you will keep your guests having fun. Jukeboxes provide an entertainment system that not only produces thousands of songs to dance to, but they give your guests something interactive to play with the whole night to make your wedding day memorable and special for them too!

When you return, sun-kissed and loved up from your honeymoon, you can enjoy sharing the stories of your wedding night with your loved ones. We promise the jukebox will be a big talking point as people recall their moves on the dancefloor and singing along to their old favourite tunes. It’s an unusual addition, but as they are so classic and retro, jukeboxes are beginning to see a real comeback in the modern world for brides and grooms that want to be a little bit different on their special day. With updated models that still reflect the retro designs of their day, they can accentuate any room and become a real focal point for your decorations (while still being super easy to use for everyone – no matter their age!) Read on to learn more about the popularity of Spring weddings, why you need a jukebox and the best songs to play!

The Perks of a Spring Wedding

Every little girl dreams of a their wedding day. It’s no surprise that Spring is a common time to tie the knot as it is the perfect season to celebrate your love for your partner. As the flowers open up, the grass starts to grow and the lambs bounce around the fields, you can celebrate the new beginnings of your life with the person you love too.

Not only is there a lovely metaphorical significance behind choosing a Spring wedding, but there are also added benefits to enjoy, such as the colourful scenery, warm weather and unique theme ideas. With fresh flowers like tulips, peonies and daffodils decorating the ground everywhere you look, you have the perfect backdrop to your Spring Wedding day. The weather can often be a little unpredictable, especially for a UK Wedding, but a wedding venue that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces guarantees the best of both worlds, and Spring is a perfect season if you want the best chances of the sun shining bright in the sky on your day.

Rustic themed weddings are also on the rise, with wooden features, hay bales and more muted, natural colours. Spring presents the perfect time for these weddings as nature compliments the wood, pale pinks and flowers.

Hire a Jukebox for Better Entertainment

To take your Spring wedding to the next level, you can hire a jukebox to help set the atmosphere and engage your guests throughout the night. Everyone knows that a full dance floor is the sign of a great night, and it can be a horrible feeling for a bride to look at her wedding dance floor and find it empty. But, with such an interactive nature to jukeboxes, all your guests, old or young, can pick their favourite songs. People are more likely to get up and dance if there is a song on they really love, and our jukeboxes have a database of thousands of songs. Whether they love rock n roll, decades music or something from the latest charts, there will be music for everyone to enjoy.

Jukeboxes also make a great piece of decor for your wedding reception. You can place one next to the dancefloor, clear in sight, so it entices people to get up and pick a few songs. With different styles and colours to choose from, it won’t be hard to find something that will match your decor perfectly and tie the whole room together!

The Best Songs for a Spring Wedding

Once you’ve booked your jukebox, it’s time to think about what songs you will want to kick off the night with. Once people have drinks in their hands and have spent some time on the dance floor themselves, they will want to pick their own songs. But for your first dances and the first hour or so of the evening, you will want to fill the room with your favourite songs that reflect you and your relationship.

Good Spring wedding songs include Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ and ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Ed Sheeran is the king of love songs, along with Sam Smith, whose hit ‘Stay with Me’ produces an acoustic backdrop to the beginning of your evening. You could even switch back to these artists later on in the night as the merriment dies down and you and your partner have one last dance together before heading to bed. If you have a rustic theme to your wedding, Mumford and Sons will be perfect to play on the jukebox. Songs like ‘I Will Wait’ and ‘Lover’s Eyes’ add to the homely, country atmosphere created by your decor.

The Beatles’ ‘Here Comes the Sun’ offers a similar feel to the evening but with a retro twist perfectly matching the jukebox. Your grandparents can have fun picking their favourite Beatles and Elvis songs that remind them of times when they danced together decades ago. Etta James’ ‘At Last’ is also the most romantic song for a slow, loving dance with your partner as the night comes to an end. Her melodic voice is appealing to everyone, young or old, making for a captivating first dance as well.

With Spring only a few months away, you need to start finalising the details for every last bit of your wedding. Jukeboxes provide affordable entertainment that engages all your guests and allows them to create a personal playlist for the night. If you are interested in learning more about jukeboxes and how to get one for your wedding, contact us today for more information.