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5 clever ways to cut down your Wedding costs!

Weddings truly are beautiful days. They are a day when two people decide they want to commit to one another for the rest of their lives and celebrate their love. The joining of two people in love is what the day should be all about!

In recent times though, weddings have become somewhat unachievable for many loved up couples as they simply can’t afford all the extravagances that are deemed as ‘standard’ in today’s wedding budgets.

In fact, in 2018 the average cost of a wedding in the UK cost a whopping £32,273. This is a massive amount of money (and is actually the same cost as the average house deposit in the UK which is £33,127!) Obviously this is way beyond the average budget for most couples (unless you want to be saving for 3 decades!). There is, of course, the option to officially wed in a registry office with no real expense on your big day, but for some couples, this isn’t enough to mark the occasion – so, where is the in-between?

We’ve put together our 5 top tips for tying the knot on a budget and still having a day to remember!

Choose your day wisely.

Picking a weekday over a weekend to tie the knot is a great way to save a considerable chunk of your wedding budget

Thursday weddings have been on the rise since 2015, and it’s easy to see why! So many venues that would typically be very quiet mid-week have realised that by offering significant savings for midweek wedding packages they can fill up their venues and you can grab a bargain. Yes, it is more awkward for some guests asking them to take a couple of days off work, but if you give them plenty of notice before the big day then we think those that are really close to you will be happy to do it to help you celebrate your marriage! If you’re willing to go for Monday- Wednesday these packages can be even cheaper!

If a weekday is just not an option for you, say you work in a job where you cannot get time off during the week, or you have family that you need there that just cannot take time off then it’s good to note that many venues will still offer a smaller reduction in price for a Friday or Sunday wedding over the coveted Saturday.

Do your own wedding flowers.

Flowers on a traditional wedding day can get expensive very quickly. If you want flowers on every table, bouquets and some flowers around the venue then the cost can easily stretch over £1000 in no time. If that kind of price doesn’t fit with your budget, then you should consider doing your own wedding flowers.

For your table decorations, a glass vase with some simple gypsophila stems and supermarket roses purchased the day before your wedding can look so effective and classy and save you a massive amount.

There are lots of online tutorials for making your own bouquets too – see one here by hitched.

Have a dessert table

Forget the expensive professional 4 tier cake for your budget wedding. Professional bakers charge a lot for a beautifully decorated wedding cake, and it can really eat into your budget – excuse the pun!

Get your close friends and family to bake brownies, tray bakes, cupcakes and different flavour cakes for everyone to grab a slice of on the big day. This will actually probably go down better with your guests anyway and can still look really beautiful with a few simple cake stands to display the cakes on.

If you ask someone to whip up a Victoria sponge, you can still get your picture slicing the cake too – win-win!

Monitor the guestlist

This one is a tricky one. Essentially, the guests that you invite are the biggest chunk of the money you will be spending. If you really want a sit-down meal, you are looking easily upwards of £60 per head and much more depending on your venue.

By only having a small number of just family and your closest friends to your day do you will hugely cut costs and then you can have all your friends to join in the evening for a buffet-style meal and a good old dance. You could save your speeches until later on if you don’t want everyone to miss out on the special words!

Hire a Jukebox

Everyone knows that the music on the night and the dancing is the most fun part of a wedding! Live bands and DJs are great, but they are costly. Just putting a playlist on and plugging them into some speakers doesn’t create much atmosphere and it means you are tied into the playlist for the night even when your guests really fancy hearing a particular song at the moment.

Hiring a digital jukebox means that you get your entertainment, a gorgeous retro decoration and music all in one! It also means your guests can use the digital jukebox to choose their favourites in the moment and have fun lining up the songs!

At Retro jukebox, we hire a range of classic Wurlitzer jukeboxes in the North West.

We can guarantee your party or wedding will be remembered for many things, and one of them will be the jukebox. Choose the elegant White 1015 and include the jukebox in your weddings photos. Or choose the ‘rock n roll’ style Rocket or New Yorker for something more edgy, yet classic.

Here at Retro Jukebox Hire Company, we take care of delivery, set-up and collection to fit around your arrangements to help your wedding day run smoothly!

So, get in touch to hire yours!

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